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Please find our statement regarding the Russian invasion of Ukraine here.

The government of the Russian Federation brutally breached international law by invading Ukraine with armed forces. We condemn the many attacks on civilian centres. Intentionally killing civilians or unnecessarily destroying their property is a war crime.

Ukrainians and their country are an integral part of Europe. We declare our solidarity with the Ukrainian people and their struggle for freedom and democracy based on European values of peace, rule of law and human rights.

We also want to express our support for all the citizens of the Russian Federation who come out to protest regardless of brutal repressions and consequences.

We would like to encourage everyone to consider helping in any way they can, for example financially.


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On September 28, 2022 we are inviting young female and non-binary mathematicians to meet up and discuss hot topics around the academic world with outstanding senior mathematicians! This time we invited the role models

  • Carola Schönlieb

  • Barbara Kaltenbacher

  • Ailsa Keating

  • Sandra Müller

  • Elena Resmerita

  • Nicole Vorderobermeier

  • Mechthild Thalhammer

More information about this virtual event can be found on the website


We look forward to seeing you there!


In the next Spotlight on "From Math to application" we interview Nicole Vorderobermeier!

''In my case, starting to work for the German central bank one year ago meant to completely change the mathematical field, from geometric knot theory to financial mathematics. ''


Join our Wikipedia Project as an author: We want to increase the visibility of female mathematicians by writing Wikipedia articles about them. Are you interested in becoming an author? No prior knowledge is needed! All skills can be learned in our (virtual) writing circle that will take place every other month. Join us here.


In the new Spotlight on "From Math to application" we interview Elaine Wong!

''I always try to welcome different points of view, because I find that they always add some level of understanding even if it is not immediately clear how they will end up being helpful. ''


We congratulate Maryna Viazovska on winning the prestigious Fields Medal! She is only the second female mathematician to obtain this reward. You can find out more about her success in this article.


Our new interview is out! This time we interviewed professor Mihyun Kang.


On June, 8th, 2022 we organized a series of talks on diversity related topics. For more information on the event Diversity in Academia please click here.


To celebrate the International Women in Maths Day we organized a screening of the movie "Secrets of the Surface". The screening took place at the University of Vienna, at JKU Linz, and online, and was followed by lively discussions.


In the last Spotlight on "Moving for work" we interviewed Amira Meddah!

''Even though I made a huge sacrifice being away from my family, trying to adapt in a country where I don't speak the language, it was totally worth it!''


The Austrian Academy of Sciences is offering an emergency call for applications from Ukrainian researchers. The aim of the special call JESH-Ukraine is to support Ukrainian scientists who had/have to leave their country in temporarily carrying out a scientific project at an Austrian research institution.


The new Spotlight on "Moving for work" with Sara Merino-Aceituno is out!

''Moving abroad is about experiencing life from a different angle.''


Check out our new Spotlight: on "Moving for work" with Olga Diamanti.

''All of my moves were worth the effort, career-wise but also in terms of growing as a person.''


Check out our new interview --- this time with professor Monika Ludwig.


Join us on February, 2nd, 2022 in celebrating women mathematicians in Austria on the second Austrian Day of Women in Mathematics!

We particularly encourage junior researchers to register.

All information about the event, as well as the registration form can be found on the website.


A²WiM invites female mathematicians of any career level to apply for the mentoring program! See our Mentoring for more information.

The application deadline is November, 15th, 2021.


A report on the activities of A²WiM appeared in the newest issue of journal International Mathematical News of the Austrian Mathematical Society (ÖMG). In the same issue you can also find an interview with the Head of the Department of Statistics at the University of Klagenfurt, professor Michaela Szölgyenyi.